Bali Surf Trip

Bali Surf Trip

Soul flow surf bali provide a surf trip for the surfer who has surfing experince , chasing a good waves and best  surf spot in bali , search waves around bali with a special surf coach who have many years of surfing experience in Bali, Indonesia.

You’ll learn and  understanding a surf spot that we going to surf and and build you surfing confindence a waves power zones makes surfing effortless.  Simply feeling the pleasure of riding the wave. Doing less and moving with awareness and purpose. Movements are done with flow, balance and effortless grace. Equipment is an extension of your body. You lead your board follows.

Through land-based training, you can start to work through the movements, simulating surfing, making adjustments and understanding the difference between good and bad technique. This gives you instant feedback, allowing you to build muscle memory and feel how the movements should feel. Understand all of the elements and functions of your equipment so you can use it to match the style of surfing you want and what you are working on in your surfing.

Bali Surf Trip


Bali Surf Spot Trip

we will search a surf spot that suit your surfing experience from one surf spot to other spot !


Bali Surf Trip for Intermediate Level

Our experienced coach will explain all the surf spot and the waves conditon, will make sure you’ll catch as many waves as possible and develop your skills in a safe and enjoyable way. This course is all about having fun together in the ocean.


Bali Surf Trip for Advanced  Level

our surf coach will give all the tips about your safety of surfing theory, techniques and practical topics from carrying your board safely to catching waves. Our coach  with ASI Surfing Certified strive to create a supportive environment where you feel motivated to learn as much as possible.

The goal of these trip is to enable you to surf and  ride a bigger waves all by yourself.

Bali Surf Trip

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