Surfing Lessons for Beginners

Learn to Surf for all level in Private Session, Semi-Private Session or even Group Sessions with our ASI certified instructors.

Soul Flow Surf is a surf school that provide a higher surfing quality lesson with a very professional surfing coach had many years of experience and qualified and certified by Academy Surfing Instructor (ASI),our location is in kuta beach one of the best surfing beach breack in bali we olso doing a surf coach around bukit penninsila (uluwatu,balangan ,padang padang ,dreamland )



soul flow bali surf camp& school

soul flow surf 

our surfing program will suit your level of your skill.we will teach you from basic until you become a real surfer. it also has a decent amount of beginner surf spots that are perfect for learning. Many of those waves are tipical from beach break to a reef break and point break,from famous Kuta Beach to Bukit Peninsula. Usually with typically a one hour surf lesson is plenty of time to get you up and riding waves. If you want to perfect your skills, usually a two hour lesson or a couple one hour lessons are enough for you to feel quite comfortable surfing on your own.

Beginner Surfer

Our beginner surf lesson cover all theory and a basic of surfing and we will take on a very safety and friendly surf spot condition.our beginning lesson will start with basics theory on the beach before we goes to water !!
> basic theory , safety ocean explanation
> basic explanation to used the board to stand and pop up!
>how to riding a waves with technique and 
We always give a feed back while we in the water to make sure the surfer feel
comfortable on the  firs day of surfing!

Intermediate Surfer

Build you surfing confidence in the water to catching more waves and to understanding about the waves character !
In this course you will learn about how to read the waves character,timing,waves selection and how to turn your board on a better position for a take off in to the waves !

Advanced Surfer

High surfing experience,caching a bigger waves ,doing a high technical maneuver and surfing in the best surf spot in Bali!
We will give you a feed back on your surf technique how to build the confidence to caching a bigger waves doing some top turn and get some barrels!

Let’s go and Catch some waves” surf with your flow “

Soul flow surf is located in kuta beach is one of the best surf lesson spot in Bali

One on One Coaching


Warming Up


Surf for Beginner Level


Beginner Surf Lessons

The beginner surfer is someone who has just had their first surf lessons and self  contact with the nature, ocean and with the waves around tje world ! They may know the very basics of the sport and have already tried to paddle a surfboard.

We Develop a Surf Lessons that works for You

Surfing for Beginners


Our Credo & Approach

Understanding comes before action


The ocean is a life force that pulsates energy. Understanding and learning how to tap into a waves power zones makes surfing effortless.

Listen Up!

Being present in the moment, with a calmly focused mind. Simply feeling the pleasure of riding the wave. Surfing in the now, not worried about the future or the past.

Tips to Get Started

Doing less and moving with awareness and purpose. Movements are done with flow, balance and effortless grace. You surf a wave, not surf your board. Equipment is an extension of your body. You lead your board follows.

Don't Learn by Yourself

By understanding how to read the ocean, adapt the right mental approach, how to move efficiently with your body and how this all connects to your equipment, your surfing will flow and you will begin to feel more every surf.

Find & Pick A Good Teacher

Through land-based training, you can start to work through the movements, simulating surfing, making adjustments and understanding the difference between good and bad technique. Feel how the movements should feel.

The Surfboard

Take control of your equipment and stop fighting it. Understand all of the elements and functions of your equipment so you can use it to match the style of surfing you want and what you are working on in your surfing.

Improving Your Understanding

Improving your surfing can be difficult because the ocean is constantly changing. The first step in improving your surfing is improving your understanding of it.

Chasin the Waves

Don’t forget to respect the priorities

Start with Soul Flow 

Find the right program to start and suite your surfing. We’ll training to suit your surf level.

Regardless of where your surfing is at, we have a training program to help get you to where you want your surfing to be and have more fun! Whether that’s fixing your pop up, catching more waves, reading the ocean or perfecting your turns, we have a training program for it.

Great training all the way around. Seeing progress in my surfing after a couple weeks

Sophia Isabella

Soul Flow, known locally as one of the best surf shool in Bali.

Bella Straus

Summers were supposed to be all about sun, sand and sea. Bring our summers back..



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