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Learn to Surf for all levels in Private Lesson, Semi-Private Lesson or Group Lesson with our experienced, licensed and friendly surfing coach

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>Private surf lesson is for those who want to get one-on-one attention and develop their skills at a faster pace. With a personalized lesson dedicated to you, we will help you to achieve your fullest surfing potential. Any level welcomed.
> Semi-private surf lesson is for those who want to develop their surfing skills at a faster pace along with a friend, family member, or partner. While we offer semi-private surf lessons that will cater to your preference, it is highly suggested that the two of you are at the same or similar surfing levels.
>Group surf lesson is for those who would love to surf with friends and enjoy a fun time on the water together. To ensure the quality of the lesson, we limit each group to 4 students at max

lets go and catch some waves …….?


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An advanced surfer is someone experienced, has been surfing consistently for several years and are comfortable in most surfing conditions including bigger waves, able to perform powerful rail turns, and start riding the barreling section of the wave.

For the advanced surfing lessons, we will not only take you to some of the world-class surf spots in Bali with expert surf guiding, but we will also offer professional coaching tailored to your ability. Whether it’s fine-tuning both timing and maneuvers, or any specific aspects you would like to improve in your surfing, we will give you feedback, help you build confidence to catch bigger waves and get barrels from some of the best waves here in Bali (also in the World).


soul flow surf bali

An intermediate surfer is someone who had a few months to several years of surfing experience, understands basic wave characters, and most importantly can catch waves without assistance and can traverse (turn) across a green wave.

Our intermediate surf lessons are for those who are looking to take their surfing to the advanced level. We will focus on the core skills and techniques of surfing, including perfecting the pop up, understanding your balance, acceleration, the mechanics of turning, better paddling and paddle out skills, and the keys to catching better waves. Besides these, we will develop a plan based on your specific needs, your ability level and goals to help you become a better surfer in the in future.


soul flow surf bali

A beginner surfer is someone who has never surfed, or has had one or few surf lessons and contact with the world of surfing.

Our goal is to teach you the foundation of surfing. We begin our surf lessons on the beach and learn important ocean safety as well as surfing etiquette. Subsequently we will familiarize you with your surfboard, paddling technique, how to pop up and your stance on the board. Then we will be in the water with you guiding you on to waves. We will help you catch waves as well as learn the correct positioning on the board once you are up and riding. With good technique you will improve FASTER and have a lot of FUN in the beautiful warm Bali waters and friendly waves.



We provide surfing safety education that you must know before surfing, not just water safety but also guide you through surfing posture and surfing know-how, as well as the different terrain features of surfing spots.


product Review

We always give a feed back while we are in the water to make sure the surfer feel comfortable, surfing video review after surf if needed(specila request)


prioritize safety

all the surf session are set again, depents tide and waves conditions safety is our firs priority!!!!

From beginner to advanced surfing lessons, we encourage all our clients to stay in contact with us after the lessons, so that you can carry on with your surfing journey. We can advise you on equipment, technique, training plans for your future surfing development, etc. The coaching relationship with our clients and our high number of return clients differentiate us from any other surf schools or surf camps. It is one of the great reasons for our success.


Our surf guiding will help you pick the best break according to the current ocean conditions and your needs. Not only we bring you to the best Bali surfing spots, we also ensure you are equipped with ocean safety knowledge while chasing good waves.

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Work with our certified, experienced, friendly surf coach for the best surfing lesson experience to take your surfing skills to the next level, while having fun catching waves!

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