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Learn to Surf for all level in Private Session, Semi-Private Session or even Group with profesinal surfing coach who had many years of surfing experience

bali surf lessons

>private surf lessons is for those who want to develop their skills and wish to have a more personal experience with,we recommend our private 1-on-1 having your own instructor for your firs surf lessons,and also to people who already have experience or beginners!
>semi private surf lessons.very suitable for couples or people who want to learn together, and it would be better if the skills were the same, olso to people who have experience!
>goup surf lessons.This group is no more than 4 students and is perfect for both beginners and those who can already surf who want to surf with their friends.

lets go and catch some waves …….?


High surfing experience,caching a bigger waves ,doing a high technical maneuver and surfing in the best surf spot in Bali!

We will give you a feed back on your surf technique how to build the confidence to caching a bigger waves doing some top turn and get some barrels!


Build you surfing confidence in the water to catching more waves and understanding about the waves character !

In this course you will learn about how to read the waves character,timing,waves selection and how to turn your board in to a better position for a take off in to the waves !


beginner surf lesson cover all theory and a basic of surfing and we will take on a very safety and friendly surf spot condition!

the beginner surf lessons is someone who had first self contack in the water and never tried surfing before!

our beginning lesson will start with basics theory on the beach before we goes to water !basic theory , safety ocean explanation basic to used the board,to stand and pop up!how to riding a waves with technique and We always give a feed back while we are in the water to make sure the surfer feel
comfortable on their firs surf lessons!


soul flow

We provide surfing safety education that you must know before surfing, not just water safety but also guide you through surfing posture and surfing know-how, as well as the different terrain features of surfing spots.


product Review

We always give a feed back while we are in the water to make sure the surfer feel comfortable, surfing video review after surf if needed(specila request)


prioritize safety

all the surf session are set again, depents tide and waves conditions safety is our firs priority!!!!

” In Bali “

Being in Bali seems incomplete if you don’t surf.bali is one of the best surfing destination in the world. Our services include private surf lessons, surf for beginner to intermediate level,surf stay in affordable prices.

soul flow surf bsli


The beginner surfer is someone who has just had their first surf lessons and self  contact with the nature, ocean and with the waves around the world !

come join us for a better surf experience in bali

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